DofE Open Gold Practice Expedition 5-day


Making DofE expeditiona fantastic, rewarding journey.

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Making DofE expeditiona fantastic, rewarding journey.

Taking place in ‘wild country’ they include both the training and practice components of the award.  The first half of the trip will comprise the training element and you’ll be camped at the same base for this part.  You’ll then set off for your practice expedition on days 3-5, where you’ll journey from one camp to another carrying your kit with you.  Your instructor will support you throughout, offering advice and training as appropriate and appraising your performance on completion.

An example of a Gold training and practice expedition will look something like this:  

Day 1: 

  • Arrive mid morning at specified campsite. 
  • Meet your supervisor and other participants. 
  • Set up camp. 
  • Commence training, exploring topics such as: risk management; emergencies and First Aid; expedition kit checks; food and nutrition; map skills etc. 
  • Cook your evening meal at the campsite or eat out in town.  

 Day 2: 

  • Continue training sessions in the morning at the campsite.
  • Afternoon spent walking in the hills accompanied by instructors looking at Gold level navigation techniques. 
  • Return to the campsite in the evening and prepare for the start of the expedition proper. 

Days 3, 4 and 5: Practice Expedition 

  • Carrying all your equipment you’ll walk three days worth of planned routes taking in some beautiful Welsh countryside, sleeping at a combination of quiet farm campsites and wild camps. 
  • Instructors will be supervising and delivering further training as required. 
  • Finish the expedition with debrief. 
  • You’ll usually have access to cafe/shop for refreshments. 


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